Simplify your Tech-Life.

You have a business to run. You don’t want pitfalls. We are your pitfall avoidance team.
For Custom Builders, Production Builders, Remodelers, Realtors, and Software Companies Selling to Builders.

What you don’t have is time to research and test every technology tool out there to find the ones that can help you grow your business and sales.  The ones that will work for you.

That’s what we do: help you avoid pitfalls in the world that is, software for builders.
For Builders. For “Tech” companies that sell to builders
Even giants make mistakes.

With us, you minimize mistakes, save money, keep a quality of life and avoid the pitfalls your competitors didn’t.

You need us if you have, or might have:

  • Made a mistake buying software that… well, let’s just say, didn’t work for you;
  • Bought correctly and could not get your team on board;
  • Got stuck in analysis paralysis and did not get over the hump to the phenomenal benefits software can provide;
  • Said you just flat don’t know where to start, what you need or how to even get going;
  • Developed software you then struggled to sell to builders, remodelers or users in the residential construction space.

It is just a phone call.



2 Hours to 2 Million…


Software Companies…


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10 Questions Builders Should Be Asking Software Companies, But Aren’t.
Presented on 2-26-15 by Erik Cofield for
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